Bourbon-aged triple

Bourbon-aged triple,
sweeter than your lover’s twat…
better body too.

Beer-Ku (for R6 Beer Guys webcast)

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Grab me another

Grab me another
beer, hon. Morning’s too bright for
truth without goggles.

Beer-Ku (as featured on the R6 Beer Guys Webcast)

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I know you’re empty

I know you’re empty,
but my cock can’t fill your void

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Slick with each other’s

Slick with each-other’s
sweat, she screamed, “Fuck me like George
Carlin!” So I left.

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The mosquito could

The mosquito could
not have bitten your penis.
There’s no room to land.

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I can has a cheezburger?
I am disappoint.

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I work like a dog.

Yet every time you stop by,

You find me surfing.

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chirping crickets – 4 haiku

chirping cricket, your
song only sounds good when no-
one else is around.

chirping cricket boasts
about its proficiency
just out of earshot.

chirping cricket, cheered
on only by faint starlight,
fears oncoming storms.

chirping cricket boasts,
applauded by moonlight, as-
phalt, rhododendron.

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Troll IRL

I find it endless
The amusement that I get
From your vain struggles.

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Star Wars Day (part 3)

So, there is no try?
Do, or do not? I choose do.
Like your mom last night.

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